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2012. gada Valodas Īkšķīši / Little Thumbs 2012

No 5. augusta - 11. augustam / August 5 - August 11

This week is structured for children of Latvian descent who do not understand and/or cannot speak Latvian.

Ikšķīši is a family camp. A parent or guardian must accompany children at all times, including during meals. Other parents or adults may participate and pay for meals as they wish. Camp directors this year will be Ieva Alversons and Laila Gansert.

Reģistrēšanās / Registration

Registration for Valodas Īkšķīši will begin on March 15, 2012.

This year you will be able to register and make your room reservations by using our online registration system. More information to come.

Dalības maksa / Fees

Children of members in good standing of the NY Latvian Ev Lutheran Church congregation: $225

Others: $275


There are additional fees for lodging and a $150 fee for participating adults.


Please note! Members of the NY Latvian Ev Lut Church congregation who have not paid their 2011 dues will be asked to pay the 'others' rate.




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